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Winning Entries

27th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2020)

burton - Byte to binary, no loops, 1-liner

carlini - printf machine

endoh1 - Minesweeper solver

endoh2 - Star Wars crawler

endoh3 - ASCII clock

ferguson1 - Snake game

ferguson2 - Enigma machine

giles - DTMF encoder/decoder

kurdyukov1 - MD5 checksum

kurdyukov2 - Image segmenter

kurdyukov3 - Letter permuter

kurdyukov4 - Markov chain text generator

otterness - MIDI improver

tsoj - Asteroids

yang - PIN-protected program generator

26th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2019)

adamovsky - Unlambda interpreter

burton - Word count

ciura - Pangram generator

diels-grabsch1 - Tiny compress

diels-grabsch2 - Self hashing

dogon - X11 Golly game of Life

duble - Collaborative graphics editor

endoh - Backtrace quine

giles - WAV reverberator

karns - Breadth-first search on text

lynn - Haskell compiler

mills - Machine Learning on text

poikola - SHA, Prime, Fibonacci

yang - Text scrambler

25th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2018)

algmyr - Converts text to sound using font as spectrogram

anderson - Visualizer of typographic rivers

bellard - Image compression demo

burton1 - Hex dumper

burton2 - Tokenize and count

ciura - Strunk & White checker

endoh1 - Animated GIF from text

endoh2 - Monty-Pythonesque animated quine

ferguson - Dawkins' weasel simulator

giles - SDL falling sand

hou - Converter of JSON to SVG pie chart

mills - PDP-7/11 simulator

poikola - Ursa Major ASCII animation

vokes - Computing strongly connected graph components

yang - Text rotator and shifter

24th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2015)

burton - hex/decimal calculator

dogon - X11 Minecraft demo

duble - handwriting with Braille

endoh1 - reaction-diffusion system HTTP server

endoh2 - hidden text quine

endoh3 - 1984/mullender emulator

endoh4 - visual factorization

hou - MD5 without integers

howe - diff tool

mills1 - flappy bird

mills2 - uncompress

muth - preprocessor Turing engine

schweikhardt - Collatz bignum computation

yang - text encoder with sea star pattern, varies with C flavor

23rd International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2014)

birken - Klingon web server

deak - CPP and C99 abuse

endoh1 - QR encoder

endoh2 - ASCII to DNA transcoder

maffiodo1 - homage to a popular game

maffiodo2 - ASCII art 1-line converter

morgan - make clone

sinon - optimizer-controlled shooter game

skeggs - dynamic library abusing game

vik - Morse audio transcoder

wiedijk - Y combinator

22nd International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2013)

birken - use Tetris to paint a picture

cable1 - 1-liner party of a US President

cable2 - OCR in quick brown fox ASCII art

cable3 - IBM PC emulator

dlowe - ASCII spark line graph

endoh1 - SKI Combinator Calculus tool

endoh2 - JPEG quine that expands and inverts

endoh3 - play music with ABC notation

endoh4 - ASCII solid rotation

hou - ray tracer

mills - HTTP server ray tracing a timestamp

misaka - horizontal or vertical file concat

morgan1 - X11 based Solar system simulator

morgan2 - X11 & ASCII domino matching game

robison - multi-precision arithmetic

21st International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2012)

blakely - Animated GIFs of surfaces

deckmyn - Music notation printer

dlowe - Conway's game of death

endoh1 - ASCII fluid dynamics

endoh2 - Pi/e quine

grothe - Shamir secret sharing

hamano - PDF with little dancing men

hou - Syntax highlighter

kang - Decodes spelled out numbers

konno - Linear cellular automaton 1-liner

omoikane - Encodes text as a C program

tromp - Lambda interpreter

vik - Steganography

zeitak - Brace matcher

20th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2011)

akari - Downsampler with 3 embeded programs

blakely - Life/reverse life

borsanyi - Bar graph plotter

dlowe - Neural network classifier

eastman - Bouncing Ball in ANSI Graphics

fredriksson - Aproximate grep

goren - Magritte tribute

hamaji - Paint by number puzzle

hou - Scientific calculator

konno - QWERTY keyboard position identifer

richards - JIT dc

toledo - Dual player tank shooter game

vik - Tracker player

zucker - Text raytracing

19th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2006)

birken - Circuit Simulator

borsanyi - Email address to gif image

grothe - Plays audio using a monitor

hamre - A calculator for rational numbers

meyer - A two player sudoku like game

monge - Graphical fractal generator

night - A maze game

sloane - Animated donut

stewart - IFS fractal generator

sykes1 - Bedlam cube solver

sykes2 - A clock in one line

toledo1 - Solve the knight chess problem

toledo2 - An 8080 emulator

toledo3 - An X11 chess game

18th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2005)

aidan - Sudoku solver

anon - Multi-dimensional sliding tile puzzle generator

boutines - Voronoi diagram generator

chia - Java parody

giljade - 2D sliding tile puzzle solver

jetro - Audio synthesizer

klausler - Anagram generator

mikeash - Self-printing Common Lisp interpreter

mynx - Web browser

persano - Generates animated knots

sykes - Commodore PET emulator

timwi - A BF lanaguage interpreter

toledo - Play chess

vik - Wolfenstein style graphics engine

vince - Rotating GL Cube demo

17th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2004)

anonymous - Rendering of a stroked font

arachnid - Curses maze displayer/navigator with only line-of-sight visibility

burley - A Poker game

gavare - A ray tracer

gavin - Mini-OS

hibachi - A CGI capable HTTP server

hoyle - Curses based polynomial graphing with auto-scale

jdalbec - Conway's look'n'say sequence split into elements

kopczynski - OCR of 8, 9, 10 and 11

newbern - Renders arbitary bitmapped fonts

omoikane - A CRC inserter

schnitzi - Editor animation

sds - Space/tab/linefeed steganography

vik1 - X Windows car racing game

vik2 - Calculates prime numbers using only CPP

16th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2001)

anonymous - optimizing dynamic binary translator, x86 progs on any host

bellard - A C subset programming system for x86

cheong - Computes arbitrary-precision square root

coupard - Outputs current time as a sound file

ctk - A driver game

dgbeards - Plays suicide chess

herrmann1 - A Turing machine using preprocessor

herrmann2 - A SIRDS/3D generator, the source is SIRDS/3D itself

jason - An Adventure-like game

kev - A Pong game across network

ollinger - Prints primes with a sieve graph

rosten - Makes X mouse pointer have inertia or anti-inertia

schweikh - Shell glob matcher

westley - Sorts/scrambles, outputs as text/punch-cards

williams - Plays X-based missile command

15th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2000)

anderson - ASCII to semaphore code convertor

bellard - Prints M6972593 (2^6972593-1) by Modular Fast Fourier Transform

bmeyer - An image compressor

briddlebane - Verbally abuses the user

dhyang - Saitou Hajime image that prints a prog that prints a prog ...

dlowe - A dc-style calculator that uses embedded Perl

jarijyrki - An X-based spreadsheet program with graphing features!

natori - Phase of the moon

primenum - Source with English words that looks like a prime tester

rince - Plots the positions of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter

robison - Highly Compressed Program for Playing Hygienic Checkers

schneiderwent - Prints the aproximate time in words

thadgavin - Prints a dazzeling moving image under multiple interfaces

tomx - C source, shell program and Makefile

14th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1998)

banks - A flight simulator!

bas1 - Outputs a gziped 3D beam maze in Postscript

bas2 - determines the size of stdin under IOCCC sizing rules

chaos - Rotates and zooms an object using ASCII graphics

df - A word guessing game

dlowe - Pootifies stdin (useful to view Microsoft html files)

dloweneil - A very addictive ASCII poot game

dorssel - ASCII / Morse code translator

fanf - Translates Lambda expressions into combinator expressions

schnitzi - Prints a C program that sorts arguments using strange functions

schweikh1 - Tests to see if your compiler and headers are standard

schweikh2 - Prints random 0's and 1's; causes some gcc's as passes to choke

schweikh3 - Finds duplicate files that waste disk space

tomtorfs - CRC generator

13th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1996)

august - Subset of C compiler and byte code interpreter

dalbec - Generator of strong probable-primes to a given base

eldby - Flying 3D spheres in an ASCII display

gandalf - Displays the ASCII and 8 bit character tables

huffman - Braille to ASCII and vice versa

jonth - X based dual player tic-tac-toe game

rcm - Gunzip equivalent

schweikh1 - Calculates Easter dates from 1582 to 2199 AD

schweikh2 - Search for a limited class of expressions that equal a constant

schweikh3 - Determins the memory allocation honesty of the OS

westley - Shows the time on clock with a configurable face and style

12th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1995)

cdua - Generate a maze on the scren and then solve it

dodsond1 - Text to "Pig Latin" translator

dodsond2 - Interactive 3D Maze

esde - Searches for words in a file which have the same Soundex code

garry - Environment-expansion and binary output via escaped env vars

heathbar - 16 bit addition the easy/hard way

leo - Output interesting patterns and cycles in PostScript

makarios - Emits the base 8 representation of prime palindromic in base 8

savastio - Infinite-precision factorial calculator

schnitzi - Find divisors: where a core dump is a feature, not a bug

spinellis - Abusing the rules

vanschnitz - Towers of Hanoi via the C pre-processor

11th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1994)

dodsond1 - plays a game of othello

dodsond2 - Hunt the Wumpus (gziped source)

horton - Plot cubic equations on a tty

imc - print a random n by n magic square

ldb - print a random line from stdin

schnitzi - flips stdin along a diagonal (source mirrored along diagonal)

shapiro - print time of day on an tty

smr - world's smallest self reproducing program

tvr - interactive fractals for the X Window System

weisberg - prints prime numbers

westley - Adventure/Dungeon like game played via the C pre-processor

10th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1993)

ant - egrep utility with Posix-like documentation

cmills - X11 program that shatters and bounces windows

dgibson - plays the game of like using cpp

ejb - tower of Hanoi and patience pizzle

jonth - game of Tetris

leo - game of mastermind (cows & bulls)

lmfjyh - source is the filename, prints value of __FILE__

plummer - prints numbers up to a given value

rince - game state machine language, comes with a number of games

schnitzi - answers questions about English text in a file

vanb - calculator that prints in octal

9th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1992)

adrian - grep-like utility using a state machine transition language

albert - factors multi-precision numbers with factors < MAX_LONG

ant - make utility

buzzard.1 - print factorial, gcd or prime test using a Babbage-like engine

buzzard.2 - forth-like stack machine

gson - anagram generator

imc - Mandelbrot/Julia drawer

kivinen - X11 space invaders, dropout and knockout games

lush - prints "Hello, World" using error messages

marangon - game to balance a grid of digits to all 5's

nathan - obfuscation by (trivial) encryption (source not exported)

vern - plays chess

westley - print ASCII world map and mark a location by lat/long

8th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1991)

ant - compressed vi-like editor

brnstnd - sorta stack language

buzzard - walk thru a maze from a first person point of view

cdupont - prints a message without vowels

davidguy - plays life on a root window, doesn't need Xlib or include files

dds - basic compiler, heavily compressed

fine - rot13s lines of input

rince - game with sprites, boulders, dimonds, and keys

westley - plays tic-tac-toe, compile output for next move, prints board

7th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1990)

baruch - short prog to solve N-queens problem

cmills - squished blackjack game

dds - basic interpreter, heavily compressed

dg - rot13 done with strange cpp macros

jaw - compress & atob standins

pjr - the quick brown fox... cppd, structs of functions

scjones - trigraph-abusing self-reproducing program

stig - nested-comment tester (all on command line)

tbr - simple compressed shell, silly layout

theorem - numerically solves the equation y'=f(x,y)

westley - poetic exchange between lovers, prints "luvs me, luvs not"

6th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1989)

fubar - self-reconstructing, recompiling factorial program

jar.1 - char*_="Hello world.\n";

jar.2 - lisp interpreter, compressed

ovdluhe - monkey-typer following template, 'APE' identifiers

paul - print fibonacci base 2 by simulating turing machine

robison - apl-expression interpreter (binary), written in C--

roemer - prints e, script-pi shaped layout, _31415 identifiers

tromp - squished tetris

vanb - one-liner prints all subsets of arguments

westley - reversible, rot13able program that reverses and/or rot13s.

5th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1988)

applin - massive #define stuff, includes itself; prints table of primes

dale - prints command line, using lots of system calls

isaak - table driven table of the elements; cpp, self-inclusion

litmaath - sorts each arg using only argc, argv, and 'while(<cond>);'

phillipps - 'first day of christmas', tables, heavily main() calling

reddy - prints name of 'char *(*(foo[16])();', compressed

robison - print e in any base, uses only --, >=, and while()

spinellis - #include "/dev/tty"

westley - prints '3.141', circle made of '_-_-_-_' in layout

4th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1987)

biggar - program: "P;" defined on command line

heckbert - obfuscated fold program

hines - counts goto's, all ids anagrams of 'goto', all flow w goto

korn - one-liner that prints a message on a Un*x system

lievaart - very good othello player

wall - roman numeral -> decimal and vice versa conversion

westley - individually palindromic lines prints a palindrome

3rd International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1986)

applin - hello world works under cc, /bin/sh, and f77

august - struct-heavy e-computation, memory allocation with sbrk

bright - hex dump, cpp compressed, uses lost of << for constants

hague - morse code filter written with 'DIT DAH _DIT DIT_DAH'

holloway - prints hello world! via a recursive main

marshall - train engine-shaped program prints "choo choo"

pawka - prints 'obfuscated?' big, uses xyyyx idents...

stein - prints HHMMSS in UTC time

wall - dvorak keyboard emulator

2nd International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1985)

applin - one-liner to print hello world, with execlp

august - cpp obfuscated, compressed, main-recursive primes in binary

lycklama - heavily cpped with o_oo identifiers, scrolls text right

shapiro - two defines, one 7-liner, results in a maze

sicherman - rot13 with strange #defs that create comment headers etc.

1st International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1984)

anonymous - prints hello world, where read is write

decot - prints garbage, weird cpp defines (keywords for others)

laman - prints spiralling numbers, laid out in columns

mullender - hardcoded vax and pdp-11 code to move :-) across the screen

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