Best collaborative graphics

Etienne Duble
Twitter: @etienne_duble

Judges' comments:

To use:



./prog /tmp/drawing

(open another window / terminal)

./prog /tmp/drawing

(open more terminals....)

./prog /tmp/drawing

Selected Judges Remarks:

After starting the program, use the cursor keys, then try some modes, like “p” or “l” (they toggle).

Author’s comments:


This program is a graphics editor, running on the terminal.

It provides collaborative features: one can join the drawing session of someone else by just opening the same file!

Getting started

The program can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and in most terminals. See section ‘Limits, Portability’ for more info.

To build, type make (assuming gcc) or make CC=clang.

Then you can start the program. It expects a file path as its first argument:

$ ./prog /tmp/drawing

(If not started this way, prog will refuse to start.)

If the file does not exist, you will start with a blank drawing.

If someone else (or another instance of yourself, maybe??) is already editing this file, you will join the session!

Edition features

The mode and current color is indicated at the bottom left corner of the editor.

Bonus features


You will probably have a hard time analyzing this entry, because:

A few more things

Did you notice the enum declaration? Could it be just an int or const int variable, instead? (spoiler:

If your keyboard has no arrow keys, you can probably find alternate keys by reading the source code.

Limits, Portability

I tested the program on several Linux systems, on FreeBSD 12, and on Mac OS X (mojave).

On Linux, the program uses an OS-specific detail to hide communication artefacts, and avoids the need to remove them on exit. Since this is Linux-specific, it was not possible on FreeBSD or Mac OS. Its behavior is a little more dirty there.

The program should work on most terminals that support 8-bit colors, inverse video mode, and movement escape codes, e.g. xterm, gnome-terminal, terminator, etc.

Note: the drawing files prog generates are probably even more portable than prog itself!

Drawing area size

The drawing area size is set at compilation time.

The default size is the one of my xterm (see top of Makefile). You may set it to the full size of your terminal window by typing:

$ make fullscreen


prog.c vs prog.orig.c

The file prog.orig.c is the one I submitted.

Judges proposed a small update: the program was using macro FD_SET inside an expression, which breaks compilation on Mac OS X. Wrapping this macro into a function was enough to fix this compilation issue.

However, that was not enough to make the program work on Mac OS X. If you analyse the program you will see that it heavily relies on OS resources. And, for this first version of the program, you even needed to increase default sysctl parameters to make it work on FreeBSD (this was the purpose of file I tried hard to tune Mac OS X the same, but failed.

The simple fact Judges proposed this update meant they wish it could work on Mac. And if judges wish something, it has to be done. ;) So I refactored a little more the program to reduce OS resources consumption. Or maybe not reduce consumption, but consume them differently… And I obtained prog.c. With this version, no need to touch sysctl parameters, and it works on Mac OS X too! I must confess it was challenging to remain below the size limit with this little change.

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