The International Obfuscated C Code Contest

A 27th IOCCC Winner

Most head-turning

Yusuke Endoh
Twitter: @mametter

The code for this entry can be found in prog.c

Judges' comments:

To use:



# And watch closely for 15-20 seconds

Selected Judges Remarks:

You may be tempted to use a mirror. Resist the temptation! Try figuring out how the clock hands are drawn. Can you change the program to make it draw a familiar (non-mirrored) clock face? Can you add the second hand?

When using the run_clock shell script, your perception of time might depend on what time it is.

Author’s comments:

Prepare a mirror!

$ make clock

Note: You need to recompile it each run.

prog.alt.c is an alternate version that uses Unicode letters, which was suggested by the judges.

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