Third place

Mike Laman

Judges' comments:

Some new compilers dislike lines 6 and 10 of the source, so we changed them from:

;++f)a[     b<<5|c]     =d++,b+     =e;for(     f=0;f<O
<<5|c]^     =a[b<<5     |c]^=a[     (k-(b+1     ))<<5|c]


;++f)a[     b<<5|c]     =d++,b+=    e;for(      f=0;f<O
<<5|c]^=    a[b<<5      |c]^=a[     (k-(b+1     ))<<5|c]

I hope you have the C beautifier! The program accepts ONE positive argument. Seeing is believing, so try things like:

laman 4
laman 9
laman 16

This code should run you in circles.

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