Most Overlooked Obfuscation

Yusuke Endoh
Twitter: @mametter

Judges' comments:

To use:




cat prog.c

./prog | diff - prog.c

Selected Judges Remarks:

At this point you might be wondering, WTF?*

* What The Freak (polite form)

* What's This For? (you may be wondering)

* What the Fish (python form)

How is this code obfuscated? Well look again:

less prog.c

more prog.c

Where did those underscores come from? Well RTFS!**

** Read the Freaking Source (polite form)
** Read The Freakin' Screen (polite form)

If you are still puzzled, look at prog.c with your favorite text editor.

Author’s comments:

Follow this instruction literally!

cat prog.c
gcc -w -o prog prog.c

You will do a double take.

Hint 1: Do less prog.c. You will see an emphasized string if your terminal supports bold.

Hint 2: Do wc -c prog.c. This is very long one-liner.

Spoiler: Open the source with an editor like vim or emacs.

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