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Brian Westley (Merlyn LeRoy on usenet)
DigiBoard, Inc.
1026 Blair Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104

Judges' comments:

usage: westley <number>

If you would rather “Daisy” someone other than Westley, rename the program as needed. :-)

Read each block of code as if it were a piece of correspondence. For example, the first block of code would read:

    doubletime me, OXFACE!
    not interested, get out
    mainly die, charly, *die*
        signed charlotte

The original source had control-L’s after each code block. To make it easier on news readers, we converted each control-L to a blank line.

Some ANSI compilers will not accept ‘1s’ as a short integer - for these compilers replace the ‘1s’ with ‘1’.

Selected notes from the author:

This is a “Picking the Daisy” simulation. Now, instead of mangling a daisy, simply run this program with the number of petals desired as the argument.

This is a good counter-example to peoples' complaints that C doesn’t have an “English-like” syntax.

Lint complains about everything - null effect, xxx may be used before set, statement not reached, return(e) and return. Lint dumps core on some systems. My personal favorite lint complaint is

    "warning: eroticism unused in function main".

Also obviously, (char)lotte and (char*)lie are incompatible types…

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