Most Unusual Data Structure

Peter J Ruczynski.
Pyramid Technology Ltd.
Pyramid House,
Solatron Road
Hants GU14 7PL
England, U.K.

Judges' comments:

This program prints out a string. Can you figure out how it is done?

By use of pointers to functions returning a struct of pointers to functions!

Note that some compilers will be unable to compile the expression ‘X=g()…’ in main due to lack of temporary value space. One might want to try replacing main with:


if this is a problem.

Spoiler: (rot13 to read)

Guvf cebtenz cevagf bhg gur fgevat:

gur dhvpx oebja sbk whzcrq bire gur ynml qbt

ol hfr bs cbvagref gb shapgvbaf ergheavat n fgehpg bs cbvagref 
gb shapgvbaf!

Selected notes from the author: (rot13 to read)

Vg vf fvzcyr gb znxr gur cebtenz cevag bgure fgevatf.  Rnpu
nycunorgvpny punenpgre sebz n gb m vf cevagrq bhg nf vgf

    n->m o->l p->k rgp

Gb rapbqr n arj fgevat vachg gur fgevat nf vg vf zrnag gb pbzr bhg:


Abgr: F() ercerfragf n fcnpr naq A() n arjyvar.  Guvf jvyy abj

    uryyb jbeyq

By the way, there is actually a piece of code which is not used in the original program! I leave it as an intellectual exercise to the reader to find out what it is.

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