Best Game

Chris Mills
Wyse Technology
3471 N. 1st St.
San Jose CA 95134

Judges' comments:

To compile:

   cc -DM=500 -DN=52 -DX="srand((int)time(0L))" -DV=void -o cmills cmills.c

-DM=<max bet allowed>
-DN=<52 * number of decks used>
-DX=<how to seed the rand() generator>
-DV=<void ot int>

To run:

    cmills [starting_cash]

Selected notes from the author:

This is a blackjack program. It does splits, doubling down, insurance, etc.

As best I can figure, it should be ANSI-compliant, as well as portable to BSD & sysV (as well as the irritating compiler I was using which assumes x=p++ means x=p++!). It is reasonably robust in its error handling—it won’t let you split, double, etc. unless you actually have the cash, etc. To terminate the program, hit EOF or type 0 or a negative number for you wager.

The way it deals with splits is particularly cool (IMHO). You can split many times, and it will show all hands as they are played.

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