Best One Liner

David Korn
AT&T Bell Labs
MH 3C-526B, AT&T Bell Labs
Murray Hill, NJ

Judges' comments:

The Judges believe that this is the best one line entry ever received. Compile on a UN*X system, or at least using a C implementation that fakes it. Very few people are able to determine what this program does by visual inspection. I suggest that you stop reading this section right now and see if you are one of the few people who can.

Several points are important to understand in this program:

1) What is the symbol ‘unix’ and what is its value in the program? Clearly ‘unix’ is not a function, and since ‘unix’ is not declared to be a data type (such as int, char, struct foo, enum, …) what must ‘unix’ be?

2) What is the value of the symbol “have”? (hint: the value is NOT 4 characters, or ‘h’, or a string) Consider the fact that:

    char *x;

defines a pointer to a character (i.e. an address), and that the ‘=’ assigns things is compatible types. Since:

    x = "have";

is legal C, what type of value is “have”?

3) Note that the following expressions yield the same value:

    x[3]    *(x+3)    *(3+x)

since addition is communitive. What can be said about the value:


David Korn’s /bin/ksh provides us with a greatly improved version of the /bin/sh. The source for v7’s /bin/sh greatly inspired this contest.

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